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Food started as an essential to human survival and has become one of the most cherished and anticipated daily traditions the Human race has created.  As a young girl, I saw the power of food at its greatest.  I watched with joy as my father sipped on wine while chopping meat, sauteeing veggies and sprinkling garlic on everything; creating a masterpiece.  The I sat at the table participating in the consumption of his artist wtih the rest of my family. We passed around bowls of salad and spun fettuciine around our forks, listening to the truimphs and comedies of each others lives.  I sipped on seltzer as the adults let their wine breath and we talked about the events of the world; the tradegies and the progressions. My grandmother turned down her hearing aids as the Panatone was sliced and the candle wax dripped onto the table cloth. We turned mellow as we became mesmerized by the flickering flames, satisfied with the meal we had enjoyed together and even more so the conversation it invited.  A few more jokes would be told, a couple of moments of reminiscence would be shared, and we would sit there at peace with each other.  We let the last crumbs tickle our tongue and the final drops of our drinks trickle down our throat, rolling the cork around in our palms until the final wick burned out.  Over time I have grown and with me so has my family, leaving us  all in various places around th world. Still, the moments we can all come together and share in the enjoyment of food and each others company are the moments that keep us together as both as family and friends.  So maybe I owe my closeness with my brother and sister to the tradition of dinner time and  my knowledge of my family history to the feasts that lasted for hours. I will forever attribute my belief in the importance of enjoying the small stuff to the moments of joy I revieved while laughing with my cousins at my grandmother's kitchen table.

As the same young girl, I watched my parents, Paul and Eileen Masiero take their passion for good quality food and love for the community it could grow and go on to create one of their great successes, Baba Louie's.  For seventeen years they have worked tirelessly to build an atomsphere that allows for that same savoring of food and cherished company one feels at home, only without the hassle of dishes afterwards (you're welcome.)  If you have been lucky enough to spend time in either of the two locations, you cannot deny the sense of community and enjoyment that fills the air. The idea of community is one that Baba Louie's not only strives to create but also appreciates participating in.

Baba Louie's uses local products and organic goods to create sustainable, healthy, delicious food.  In doing so, they unavoidably form relationships with their suppliers, local and otherwise.  The teamwork this bond brings about is one that grows a successful business and nutures visions of an organic food oriented society; a vison that is supported by the growers, the Baba'schefs and the consumers.  In supoorting the popular farm fresh movement, Baba Louie's contributes to building the nationwide community dedicated to natural, fresh food and healthy, organic living. 

The goal of this blog is to give a little insight into Baba Louie's, their suppliers, their products, and the staff.

Baba's pizza and salad lovers can get information of where their greens, mozzarella and coffee come from and more about the staff that serves them.

Now as you sip your vino and share in laughter with loved ones, you can know the ideas behind your pasta special and the story of the farm that brought us the veggies in your soup du jour. I look forward to discovering and learning all about the food we enjoy so much with you, right here at Louie's Dish.

by Isabella Masiero